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Then Jesus said to his disciples,      

"If anyone would come after me,  he must first deny himself and

take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life

will lose it, but whoever loses  his life for me will find it. 

           ( Matt. 16:24 )





Real Help 4 Real Issues!  God Loves You!!



Porn/Sex Addictions



Many people see Sex and Porn addictions as the same kind of sin and illegal

act as Rape, and Sexual Exploitation, Sex Trade and Sex Slavery. Many others

are seemingly unaware that each of these acts are rampant around the world,

including right here in the United States.


Again, just as with the Rape/Sexual Exploitation, and Sex Trade and Sex Slavery pages,

we hope to both help educate, and help families and law enforcement around the world

stop these plagues. There are already many Law Enforcement and other Organizations,

both on and off the Internet to help stop these acts.


One of our goals is to help educate people on the need for more involvement in

stopping these acts, what Organizations are available to help and how to get

hold of them, and to also use many of the keywords used to draw people to

sites filled with the Rapes, Exploitations, and the Trading and Selling

of both kids and adults into these horribly disgusting, vile acts against



If any of our resources help you cope with any of these tragedies, or to break the

addictions, or we can help any further, please feel free to write to me anytime at:


Evangelist Ken Godfrey

 16 Nixon Trailer Park        

 Shinnston, W.V.  26431   

    or Email me at:     


Help other men know the freedom God intends for their life: 


Restoration Manual 


A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers and

Religious Leaders. A step by step process of

organizing a Restoration Team for a repentant

pastor with practical recovery steps.


This unique

workbook will help the broken minister pick up

the pieces of his life as it gives hope and direction.


You Can Become Porn Free

Learn how to stop the habit with God's help. Includes

 tips on avoiding porn, steps to breaking the habit,

spiritual warfare points, deliverance, salvation steps,

testimonial, links and much more!

Pure Intimacy


A resource for those struggling

with online pornography


Official home page for OASISS



Breaking the Power of Pornography


 Pornography seems to make everything better--

until it makes everything worse. Ironically, the

journey to freedom and change is just the opposite.


Everything usually gets worse before it gets better.

The one thing a man can expect to encounter is the

unexpected. It is a trademark of God to use the

unusual to bring about His purposes.



Great Support System for Recovery


 The support group participants, whatever their need,

find the extra care and encouragement necessary to

 grow beyond the wounds of life's battles, the

difficulties  in family relationships, the bondage

of addictive habits and behaviors, and the isolation

caused by shame. OO meetings are filled with the

 faith, hope, and love that only

God can provide through Christ


Sex Addiction


Presents Sex Addiction Recovery Resources


Home Site for Sex Addicts Anonymous


Sex Addicts Anonymous, SAA, is a fellowship of men

and women who share their experience, strength

and hope with each other so they may overcome

 their sexual addiction and help others recover from

sexual addiction or dependency.



Healing From Sexual Brokenness


Mastering Life Ministries is an interdenominational,

non-profit Christian ministry. It exists in order to target

areas of life where people are caught and deceived

 into unhealthy, dysfunctional life-styles that separate

them from the power and blessing of God, and to equip

 the Church to redemptively minister to such people.


Our primary focus is sexual sin and brokenness, and

related issues such as intimacy with the Father,

performance orientation, anger management, etc. The

tools of our ministry include film, television, and radio

as well as seminars and publications that communicate

the truth of Jesus Christ.



is a national, not-for-profit, interfaith organization

established in 1962 to combat obscenity and

uphold decency standards in the media.


 It conducts public information programs to educate

and involve concerned citizens, and maintains the

National Obscenity Law Center, a clearinghouse of legal

materials on obscenity law.





 A Resource for Educating the public and

for Reporting possible violations of

Internet Obscenity Laws.



The Good Shepherd Restoration Ministries


 We're here to help both Believers and non believers

overcome all forms of addictions; Alcoholism,  Drug

Addiction, Compulsive Gambling, Over-Eating,

 Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, as well as

Co-Dependence and Love Addiction.



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